Teacher spotlight: Morgan Olsen

by Baylee Percell

Mrs. Olsen was born in Provo, Utah on September 17, 1991. She attended Orem High School then later went on to attend Brigham Young University.


Mrs. Olsen got married last summer. She met her husband on a blind date.

She loved high school, so her first day was exciting.

“I loved the independence,” said Mrs. Olsen. “I looked forward to being able to drive, date, etc.”

She became a teacher because “Why not?!… just kidding,” Mrs. Olsen said. “It’s because I love working with the students, seeing the amazing things they can accomplish when they set their mind to something.”

Mrs. Olsen’s highlight in teaching is building friendships and trust with students, watching them succeed, and seeing their confidence grow as they work hard.”

One of her role models is her favorite actress, Kristen Wiig. She looks up to Kristen Wiig because she is hilarious.

Even though Kristen Wiig’s comedy is something to aspire to, Mrs. Olsen says that her parents are her real role models.

“They are amazing and taught me how to be a decent person,” Mrs. Olsen said. “They always love and never judge, and that means a lot. I hope I can emulate that as well.”

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