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Donate shoes, eat pizza

by Melanie Mortensen

Rockwell is having a shoe drive from February 13 to April 13. Rockwell’s journalism class is putting on the shoe drive to earn money for the class and the Marshal Magazine. All shoes donated will be given to a foundation that will be giving all the shoes to third world countries.

The grade who donates the most shoes wins a pizza party, so get donating!

“If we win, we get pizza,” said Rockwell sophomore Dontel Bautista. “So I’m going to bring lots of shoes.”

Donate your shoes to the boxes in the library, in Mrs. Olsen’s room (room 18), or at the Maverik in Eagle Mountain.

Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – – Oprah Winfrey

  1. Set specific goals
    If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, focus on small, impactful changes to your fitness routine. If your New Year’s resolution is to read more, commit to reading a new book every month. If your New Year’s resolution is to travel, start by exploring sites close to home
  2. Break them down into per week or per month
  3. Reward yourself at each milestone
  4. Hold yourself accountable by letting others know all about your resolution
  5. Write down your resolution and put it somewhere you can see daily

A. Make only one resolution. Your chances of success are greater when you channel energy into changing just one aspect of your behavior.

B. Avoid previous resolutions. Deciding to revisit a past resolution sets you up for frustration and disappointment.

C. Don’t run with the crowd and go with the usual resolutions. Instead think about what you really want out of life.

D. Break your goal into a series of steps, focusing on creating sub-goals that are concrete, measurable and time-based.

E. To stay motivated, make a checklist of how achieving your resolution will help you.

F. Give yourself a small reward whenever you achieve a sub-goal, which will help to motivate you and give you  a sense of progress.

G. Expect to revert to your old habits from time to time. Treat any failure as a temporary setback rather than a reason to give up altogether.



2016 Election

The election had America on edge as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump raced to 270 electoral votes. It was a very close election with Trump winning with 279 electoral votes and Clinton conceding at 228 electoral votes. This election ended the 8 years of Democratic control as the Republican party gained control. In addition, the new Governor for the state of Utah is Republican Gary Herbert. Trump claims victory with an inspiring speech and urges the citizens of America to “come together as one united people”. Clinton “offers” to help Trump run the country in her concession speech early this morning.