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Teacher Spotlight: Janel Jones

by Brooklynn Allen

jones_janelMs. Jones was born in Seattle, WA in 1988. Jones attended Hazen High School in Renton, Washington and later attended UVU.

“My entire high school experience was a nonstop series of misfortunes and humiliations,” said Jones.

Ms. Jones enjoyed participating in music programs in high school and loves being involved with the music program now as a teacher.
“In school I was in both band and choir,” she said. “Honestly, I loved getting acquainted with music I wouldn’t otherwise have come in contact with. Like no one is just listening to Latin liturgical music in their spare time (except me maybe), or Fijian folk songs, and so it’s a singular opportunity we have to actually connect with groups of people we wouldn’t know anything about. I struggled sometimes because I was a bossy teenager (ENFJ), but now I’m not bossy, I’m the boss!”

Jones became a teacher because, frankly, she couldn’t help it. She works in the music department here at Rockwell, where she teaches American Music Roots, choir, and band.

Ms. Jones has had quite a few highlights in teaching thus far, but she says the best is when the choir ends the songs on key every time. She also loved their performance of Lux Aeterna from the last music concert.

“I love the music program at Rockwell because I get to work with really cooperative people. It’s so easy to collaborate and plan with Ms. Larsen and Mr. Jewkes. Plus, all of the students I work with are really fun and interesting people that I love having near me.”

– Janel Jones

Ms. Jones enjoys raspberry mochas, visiting Uruguay, watching Muppet Christmas Carol, and reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

Jones’s role model is her dad.

“He is the smartest and best human being on this planet, and he spends his whole life trying to help people,” she said. “He taught me that there are plenty of things in this life that two intelligent people can disagree about.”

Salt Lake Comic Con: FanX

by Brooklynn Allen

Salt Lake Comic Con: FanX is coming up fast. On March 17 and 18, FanX is hosting an abundance of well-known celebrities such as James Roday and Dule Hill from Psych, Bonnie Wright from Harry Potter, and Stan Lee (which will be his last con)!


Friday Pass: $25

Saturday Pass: $35

Multipass: $45

Gold Pass: $75  * includes one pre-paid autograph (up to $50)

VIP Pass: $175 *includes two pre-paid autographs (up to $100) 

Aside from the celebrity guests, Comic Con has a lot to offer. From the many vendors, artists, set memorabilia, and, of course, comics, there is something for everyone. In addition to the vendors and comics, there are many events and panels you can experience, like a cosplay contest and a private screening of the new Disney re-make film Beauty and the Beast. 

Broadway Revue

By: Brooklynn Allen

Rockwell’s drama and music department is putting on a Broadway revue. Auditions are next Friday, February 10th, after school.

Come prepared with a solo, a duet, a trio, a quartet! All is accepted. There are limited spots available, so get those tap shoes on and start rehearsing those musical numbers.

“If it looks like you have worked hard on your number, you’re more likely to be chosen,” Ms. Larsen said.

All students and faculty are invited to audition.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

By: Brooklynn Allen

Topping the box office this week for the fourth week in a row, Rogue One has everyone buzzing in the media. With it scoring an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and getting amazing reviews from well-known critics, I’d say they’ve “forced” their way to the top.

Rogue One is a stand alone film that takes place in the Star Wars universe. It contributes to the original series by giving a backstory of events that occur in episodes four, five and six, but Rogue One isn’t considered a sequel or a prequel to the original series.

For a Star Wars film, the action was decent but the story itself was not as complex and was kind of boring. The whole film just felt like more of a war film than a film about having hope and casting away the empire. I know what you’re going to say, “Oh but Star Wars IS a war film!” No. It’s about the good defeating the evil. it’s not one group vs. another group its the whole universe vs. the empire (might I add is in reality just a small group of people, well a small group of people with a star destroyer but minor details.)  Rogue One lacked what most Star Wars films had, structure. The film felt like the writers wrote it in a day, the story was rushed, the characters didn’t have much substance to them (they just seemed so depressed and unhopeful the whole time) the action was decent but it felt like the writers just went “It’s Star Wars so there has to be a fight in space every second!”.

The film’s exposition is good, it screams Star Wars, the only thing it’s missing is the screen roll. THE SCREEN ROLL! How can it be a Star Wars film with out the SCREEN ROLL! Come on now, get your head in the game here. Aside from all the cons of this film, let’s look at the pros of this film. The music is good even though it’s not composed by John Williams, it is still pretty good. The special effects are far better than they are in the original series, which makes for an awesome visual experience. The space fights are visually stunning and epic, although it was overkill it was still pretty sweet.

Every film will have their pros and cons, even the good ones do that’s what makes them a good film. No film is perfect. My overall score on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a 70%








2016 meant R.I.P. to Hollywood legends

By: Brooklynn Allen

Hollywood said goodbye to many of their own this past year. From big name stars that we have grown up with to stars that were just rising to fame just to have it abruptly cut off. This is a list of the most heart-breaking deaths in 2016.

David Bowie (1947-2016)David Bowie was one of the most influential figures in Rock and Roll. He’s mostly known for his music and his role as the Goblin King in Labyrinth. 

Alan Rickman (1946-2016)- Alan Rickman was best known from his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter franchise and for is his role as Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd.

Harper Lee (1926-2016)- Harper Lee is the writer of the award winning classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird. 

Muhammad Ali (1933-2016)- 3- time winning heavy weight champion was known worldwide as one of the greatest boxers in the world.

Gene Wilder (1933-2016)- Actor Gene Wilder was known as a comedic legend. He was the witty Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein. 

Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)- Leonard Cohen was the writer of the classic ballad Hallelujah.

George Michael (1963-2016)- George Michael was a member of the band Wham! After the band ended, Michael began his solo career.

Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)- Carrie Fisher was best known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. 

Debbie Reynolds (1932-2016)- Debbie Reynolds was very famous back in the golden era of film. Her most notable roles were as Kathy Selden in the musical Singin’ in the Rain and as Aggie Cromwell in Halloween Town.

These are some additional celebrity deaths:

  • Nancy Reagan: (1921- 2016) Actress and First Lady (1981-1989)
  • Prince: (1958- 2016) Musician
  • Kenny Baker: (1934-2016) Actor- Star Wars 
  • John Glenn: (1921-2016) Astronaut
  • Richard Bradford: (1934-2016) Actor
  • Christina Grimmie: (1994-2016) Singer


2016 Christmas concert

By: Brooklynn Allen

On December 15th Rockwell’s music department put on a wonderful Christmas performance. The Rockwell Singers, Rockwell’s very first audition choir, put on a phenomenal A Capella version of “Carol of the Bells”. The Concert Choir, performed an outstanding version of “Mary, Did You Know?”. The orchestra, guitars, and Rolling Rocks performed a marvelous set of classic Christmas songs. We were treated to a surprise performance by the music directors. The choirs combined and performed a sensational rendition of “All I Want For Christmas”  and heartfelt version of “Star of Bethlehem”. The two soloists that performed, Vivienne Peters and Samantha Lofgren, did a remarkable job. At the end of the concert, all of the performers came together to perform an outstanding version of “Silent Night”. The directors of the concert, Ms. Larsen, Ms. Jones and Mr. Jewkes did an amazing job with putting this whole concert together.

2016 Election

The election had America on edge as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump raced to 270 electoral votes. It was a very close election with Trump winning with 279 electoral votes and Clinton conceding at 228 electoral votes. This election ended the 8 years of Democratic control as the Republican party gained control. In addition, the new Governor for the state of Utah is Republican Gary Herbert. Trump claims victory with an inspiring speech and urges the citizens of America to “come together as one united people”. Clinton “offers” to help Trump run the country in her concession speech early this morning.

Studying tips that will prepare you for those end of term tests.

The end of the term is coming quick, so are final tests. Stressing out that you don’t have a clue on how to study for these tests? Don’t worry because here are some studying tips that can help you ace those final tests.

Study Tip #1: Handwrite those notes, Don’t type them.

Handwrite your notes, your brain will retain the information a lot better if you physically write it out.

*Tip: If you do type your notes use Times New Roman font it’s the fastest and easiest font to read. 

Study Tip #2: Trying to memorize a diagram, draw it out

Drawing out the diagram will help your brain understand the information better.

Study Tip #3: Chew gum

Chewing gum is said to help with concentration.

Study Tip #4: Take breaks

Breaks are good to take, you don’t want to over work yourself. Set up a studying time, study for 20 minutes and take a 10 minutes break and then study for 20 minutes.

Study Tip #5: Talk to a teacher

If you don’t understand a concept, ask your teacher. Your teachers are there to help you.

Hope these study tips helped you make the studying process a little easier. Now go and ace those tests!

RCHS presents: Once Upon A Mattress

by Brooklynn Allen

This Fall Rockwell’s drama department will be performing the hilarious musical Once Upon A Mattress, a wacky twist on the classic tale of The Princess and the Pea. This musical is about Prince Dauntless who is looking for the perfect bride but his overbearing mother, Queen Agravain, insists that every Princess must perform some ridiculous and unfair tests to prove that she is a “true” Princess. Until the Prince gets married no one else in the kingdom is allowed to get married. Due to this the head knight, Sir Henry, sets off to find the perfect princess, luckily he returns with the amazingly odd Princess Winnifred the Woebegone. The Queen does not approve of Winnifred so she begins to formulate a plan to get rid of her, but Winnifred is not one that will give up easy.

This production of Once Upon A Mattress will be directed by Rockwell’s new drama teacher,image1 (1) Ms. Hunter. Hunters reasoning’s for doing this production was because she wasn’t sure of the talent” and this musical would be “fun and easy for everyone and it’s a show that everyone could enjoy”. Ms. Hunter had mentioned that “when the show is over, I want them to feel like they had a great time and that they walk away more confident than before” and she wants the audience to “walk away feeling entertained and that they enjoyed their experience”. Hunter also wants the actors to “remember that the show is a light-hearted, fun and relaxed show that they can just let loose and have a great time”. One auditoner Megan Kast, who has been in previous Rockwell productions such as Annie Get Your Gun, has said that she is looking forward to the musical so she can “follow in her mothers footsteps”.