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A Night of Drama

by Dylan Beck

Rockwell Drama goes to their 2A state competition on April 20. They received a 3rd place in the One Act and the Overall Sweepstakes for Region on March 16th.

The coach of the drama team, Ms. Holt, tells her team to “tell the story” every practice. Holt has been the coach or the assistant every year Rockwell has been a school and has had a team. Many first place wins and medals from Shakespeare and/or Region & State are seen in the medals display closet.

There are 6 seniors on this year’s team of 30 who will be representing Rockwell at the state competition:

Alexis Jacquez
Sam Lofgren
Kade Santiago
Aimee Swift
Hollie Alder
Felicia Jacquez
Kylee Hancock
Victoria Wozab
Jordan Santiago
Amelia Tyler
Isaiah Anderson
Megan Nelson
Cassandra Nelson
Tessa Larsen
Melodie Anderson
Sam Morey
Brooklyn Allen
Tiny Madsen
Destiny Dipo
Brekyn Holland
Lynsie Gifford
Tai Chizmadia
Mackenzie O’Neill
Topanga Wozab
Ben Sherman
Sean Chizmadia
Dylan Beck
Marshall Sellers
Rhain Boulter
Alyssa Smith

Rockwell senior Lynsie Gifford has competed in Region/State for 4 years. Lynsie is one of the main women parts in the one act, and also does a monologue from “Neil Hilborn’s Future Tense.” She received enough superiors to go to state this year. Her favorite part about Region/State throughout her 4 years is growing close as a team.

“I love becoming friends with everyone on the team,” she said. “And the coaches are great.”

Hollie Alder, also a senior, has done Region/State for 3 years. Hollie is one of the main women parts in the one act and performed a scene with Felicia Jacquez from “Merry Wives of Windsor.” They also received enough superiors to go to state. She says the most memorable play she’s done in her 3 years was “Elephant’s Graveyard.”

“It was my first year doing Region and State and I will never forget it,” she said. “This year we are hoping to place high at state.”

Tonight is the drama night of Region/State, where the team will perform their pieces for students, families, and the community. Performances start at 6:00, so come and enjoy this year’s drama team before they head out to the state competition.

Teacher Spotlight: Coach Ryan Stuart

by Dylan Beck

Coach Stuart was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended Jordan High School and the University of Utah.

On his first day of high school, he was excited for basketball.

He became a coach and is grateful that he was lucky enough to become a PE teacher. His favorite moments in teaching are when he sees someone with no interest in the current sport/activity get involved and have fun.

Coach Stuart’s role model is his dad.

“My dad had been a hard-working man his whole life,” Coach Stuart said. ‘He loves his kids and even at 84, he works hard for his family and my mom.”

Coach Stuart’s motto, not just basketball but in life, is “Before you get better, you have to look like an idiot.”

Coach Stuart recently led the Marshals to their 2nd play-in game in his two years of coaching and is looking forward to many years of coaching ahead.

Rockwell Marshals basketball season wrap-up

by Dylan Beck

Both the girls and boys basketball teams had their senior nights on February 6 and 7.

In their final games of the season, the boys team went against the number one team in the region –  Layton Christian Academy (LCA). It was a game that turned out to be LCA’s from the beginning. Rockwell played American Preparatory Academy (APA) on Wednesday and were upset; now they are going to state and playing as the 4th seed against Emery – a number one seed.

The girls had a different senior night game, with a 20 point win against APA. They played LCA on Friday and JV lost by a meager 2 points, while Varsity had a more-than-20-point deficit to this team looking to seek first place with a coin flip.

The Rockwell girls varsity team was made up of 5 seniors – 4 of whom were starters, while the Rockwell boys varsity team was made up of 7 seniors – 3 of whom were starters.

“I’m going to miss playing with my girls,” said Lynsie, a senior point guard and girls varsity team captain, “It’s going to be weird not playing next year.”

Between wins and losses it has been a great season and these seniors will be missed.

“My favorite quote says ‘I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying,’” said Tanner, a senior point guard and captain of the boys Varsity team. “I loved playing with my brothers.”

Marshals tied for 2nd in region basketball standings

by Dylan Beck

The Marshals are sitting happily on the region standings, tied for 2nd with Waterford.

This past week the boys won 5 straight games from Frosh to Varsity. On the 17th, they played a non-region team, Pinnacle, and all 3 teams won! The next day they versed APA, a region game, and won JV and Varsity. Frosh didn’t play.

This past Monday, they played the region projected #1 team, LCA. All 3 teams suffered losses. They hope to bounce back today against Waterford.

Friday is a Home Game against Rowland Hall so make sure you come and cheer on your Marshals!

Next week Tuesday is a girls Home Game against Wasatch Academy. Make sure you wish them luck this Thursday and Friday for their away games.

Rockettes “piqued” their way to first

by Dylan Beck

The Lady Marshals “piqued” their way to first at their competition Jan. 14th at Corner Canyon High School.

They received first places for all of their dances as they competed against other 2A schools from the region. They also received awards for technique, excellence, and for their military dance. All the girls did a great job a danced like a team.

“I’m very proud of my team and the hard work they put into getting first in every routine,” said drill coach Maddie Beck. “I’m looking forward to see their success at Region and State.”

The girls are super pumped about tomorrow for the Regional competition (they might be a little nervous too). Hopefully they can use their last performances to push them all the way to the top!

“We were all very focused and determined walking into the competition,” said Mistress Tiny Madsen. “It was the best feeling to have all of our hard work pay off and get first place.”

This competition will be the true test of the year. Let’s Go Lady Marshals! Go Win State!

“I’m very proud of my team and the hard work they put into getting first in every routine. I’m looking forward to see their success at Region and State.”-Maddie Beckimg_5888


by Dylan Beck

This week for Marshals sports news, we had Boy’s Basketball Wednesday, Girl’s Basketball Yesterday, and another Boy’s Basketball game in SLC. Also the Drill Team is performing on Saturday at their competition.

Girl’s Basketball has continued to do well as they are 6-6 in their last 12 games. The last game before Thursday night was against Skyridge High School. A very big but new school that was the favorite to win. Rockwell ended up losing 64-17. They started region play this Thursday against the Rowland Hall- St.Marks, Winged Lions. They lost 61-34. They hope to bounce back next Tuesday against Waterford.

Boy’s Basketball went to their tournament last week in Enterprise, Utah. It was an 8-team tournament, 4 boy teams, 4 girl teams. Rockwell versed schools El Capitan, and Water Canyon. Both games were L’s but not by much. Wednesday the Marshal’s played against our neighboring school, Westlake. JV held their own in a one of the best games they have played but lost it in the second half and lost their 1 point lead and fell to the Thunder 35-74, Varsity didn’t have the same type of game as they lost 85-25

The Drill Team had their first competition Dec 10th at Juan Diego High School. They placed 2nd in Military, 3rd in Dance, 3rd in Kick. They hope to get better results at their next competition which is this Saturday at Salem Hills. Come support your Lady Marshals!

Jared Ward: Father, professor, and Olympian

by Dylan Beck

Utah is known for its talented athletes, and several of these talented Utah residents competed at Rio 2016 for the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics. Some of these athletes who competed include rugby player Maka Unufe, rower Devery Karz, and beach volleyball player Jake Gibb. Paralympic competitors include Eagle Mountain resident David Blair, Syracuse High School student Hunter Woodhall, archer Michael Lukow, and Marybai Huking who played as the youngest member on the 2016 goal-ball team.

Jared Ward of Provo, Utah, says he never dreamed of competing in the Olympics, and didn’t begin his Olympic training until 2013. Despite this, he competed in the marathon, 20K, and 25K events at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and placed sixth overall in the marathon event. Jared Ward knew he had a knack for distance running when he ran his first marathon in just over two hours, but he never imagined that talent would turn him into an Olympian.

Ward is currently on the United States Track and Field Team. He has had many career highlight runs dating back to 2013, where he placed 13th overall in the Chicago Marathon, and has only improved from there. He placed first three other times, and has taken second and third place in various races over the past couple years.

Ward started running seriously during his sophomore year of high school.

“Running wasn’t even my number one sport – soccer was,” Ward said. “But I’ve always liked running. I ran in grade school in the fun-runs, or in the mile for P.E., and now I have been running for 12 years.”

Ward went to Brigham Young University, where he was a tough competitor on the University’s track and field team.

“I didn’t have eligibility for cross country, but I did have it for track,” Ward said. “My coach, Coach Eyestone, who is the coach for BYU but also my personal coach, wanted me to run a marathon.”

Ward ran his first marathon – the Chicago Marathon – in 2013, and ran it in two hours and 16 minutes flat. This time qualified him for the Olympic Trials.

Although Ward always considered himself more of a track runner, he started focusing on marathons and quickly knew that was what he would be doing competitively. He was shocked when his marathon times qualified him for the 2016 Olympics – he had never imagined being able to compete in such a prestigious event.

“I had fun in running, but competing in the Olympics was never a possibility to me,” Ward said. “I mean I always dreamed about making a national story or something but I never thought I would make it this far – it just happened.”

Preparing for the Olympics wasn’t easy, so Ward’s track coach increased his mileage at a rigorous pace.

“When I first started running marathons, Coach Eyestone had me run 40 miles per week,” Ward said. “Then he had me move to 90-95 miles a week, and now I run 120 miles every week.”

Ward loves running, but more importantly, he is a husband to his wife and a father to his children. Preparing to compete at Rio 2016 was tricky while balancing his family and career as a statistics professor at Brigham Young University, but his hard work paid off.

Eagle Mountain resident comes home from the paralympics games in Rio

by Dylan Beck

Rockwell students filled the sidewalk and grass in front of Rockwell Monday to cheer for David Blair as he arrived home from the paralympics in Rio.

Blair went to Rio to compete in the paralympic games. He is on the USA Track and Field team and he throws the discus and shot-put. He was born with a clubfoot and was told that he would never be able to play sports and wouldn’t be able to function normally as a child, but he didn’t give up. He had surgery after surgery, and later proved doctors wrong by competing in his athletic endeavors.

Blair was very good at throwing when he discovered the discus throw. He had no coaching so he learned from videos and taught himself. He later went on to win the high-school state championships, and received an athletic scholarship to Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. He broke many school records and earned two conference titles in hammer and weight throw. While at Weber State, Blair received a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in technical sales and computer science.After graduating from Weber State, Blair picked up the discus and threw it 54.25 meters after not having thrown it for 16 years. He finished his season 6 months later with a silver in the world championships in Doha, Qatar.

Blair went to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center in 1993, and won the Male Adaptive Athlete of the year at the 2016 Governor’s State of Sport Awards. This year he won gold for the discus and last year he received a bronze. He has 3 medals total at the world championships.As Blair walked up the street with his gold medal shining in the sunlight, high-fiving everyone close to the road, Rockwell students cheered and clapped as he reached the top of the street. Fire trucks were blaring the horns and lights as they drove off down the road. Journalists from many newspapers came out to photograph this event.

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VOLLEYBALL’S First Home Game

by Dylan Beck

The JV team started their game at 5:45 very s-l-o-w. In no time the visiting Wasatch Academy Tigers clawed their way to victory for the first set, 25-12.

The JV Lady Marshals shook off the loss and got ready for the next match but it was a 25-8 loss. 3rd match lady marshals won 15-12 with lots of improvement and spirit heading into the last match but the tigers were too strong and won the last match 15-9. All in all a good outing for the Lady Marshals.

Varsity’s first match was a very intense back and forth match but the Lady Marshals played hard and won 27-25. They came in looking like they were going to win again but fell early in the second set with a 25-12 loss. The Lady Marshals had a good start but they couldn’t hold off the tigers in their 2nd loss, 25-14. The last match of the game was high-intensity but the tigers were on their game and won the last match 25-12.
Overall they played a good game. Even though they lost hopefully they can bounce back against the Rowland Hall Winged Lions on Tuesday, September 20th. Their next home game is on the 27th against the Waterford Ravens.

Fall sports preview

by Dylan Beck


August 31st-Grantsville Reservoir

September 3rd-Timpanogas High

September 9th-Bonneville

September 14th – Settlement Canyon

September 16th-Wasatch Rendezvous (Cottonwood Park Salt Lake City)

September 28th-Pre-Region (Sanpete Valley Invitational at Skyline Mountain Resort)

October 11th-Region (Skyline Mountain Resort)

October 19th-State (Sugar House Park, Salt Lake City)

What are practices like?

“Easy,” says Coach Sellers, jokingly. She then starts off again seriously, “I have the athletes change out after school and meet in the back around 3:15 or 3:20. We start with a series of stretches led by our captain, once we finish that I put out mini-hurdles.”

Sellers says that mini-hurdles are an important part of cross country workouts as they help lengthen the runners’ strides.

“After we go through the mini-hurdles a few times I let them get drinks and I send them on a 2-5 mile run,” she said. “Once they come back they cool down a little bit and hydrate themselves, I make them do a few sprints then we hit the grass or commons area and do core-workout. We stretch, give a cheer and that’s a normal practice.”


September 1st- @ Duchene

September 9th- @Pinnacle

September 15th- vs Wasatch

September 20th- @Rowland Hall

September 22nd- @American Prep

September 27th- vs Waterford

September 29th- vs LCA

October 4th-@Wasatch Academy

October 5th- @Dugway

October 6th- vs American Prep

October 11th- vs Rowland Hall

October 18th- @Waterford

October 20th- @LCA

October 25th- Playoffs for State

October 28th-29th- State 2A @ UVU

How is the volleyball team preparing for this upcoming game?

“We have been practicing two hours everyday after school, going over rotations,” said team captain Ashlee DeBruin.“We have also been practicing passes and doing a lot of team bonding.”

What is your favorite part about volleyball?

Megan Nelson is excited to play on the volleyball team this year and says there is a lot to look forward to.

“My favorite part about volleyball is playing with my team and playing in general,” Nelson said. 

Between the talented athletes and remarkable coaches, fall sports at Rockwell is something to look forward to.


-Muhammad Ali