HOPE Day 2019

by Katie Hull

On November 14, Rockwell students asked the community to join them in wearing yellow to spread suicide prevention awareness. Many students and staff supported the cause here at Rockwell. Students from Westlake High School, Cedar Valley High School, UMA and Lehi High School also joined Rockwell in wearing yellow. 

“I think it’s pretty rad that so many people are coming together to spread something so important,” said Rockwell junior Genevieve Garner.

From the years 2015 – 2017, the average number of suicides in Utah was 628 suicides per year, and in 2017 suicide was the leading death cause for kids 10-17 years old.  It is important for Utah to be aware of these statistics and do something about them. This Hope Day shows how much these students care about each other and how much they want to help and support. 

“We all fight our own battles but sometimes you need some support. I am supporting.” – Faith Lane, sophomore

“It’s cool that we are finally spreading awareness about something that isn’t talked about usually,” said Rockwell junior Hayden Giessing. “And it’s cool that so many people are supporting.”

There are so many people who can help and no one should feel alone. There are lots of  ways we can support those who are having a hard time but one thing everyone can do is just to be kind. In 2018, 1 out of every 5 students in Utah felt that they were getting bullied. We can all be more open and loving towards one another. 

“We all fight our own battles but sometimes you need some support,” said Rockwell sophomore Faith Lane. “I am supporting.”

Check out this Hope Day video, created by The Marshal Update:


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