feminism=love, unity, &equality


What is feminism? Feminism is the belief that women should have responsibility for themselves and the choices they make. It is the belief that all women should have equal representation and decision-making opportunities in her home and community. It is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

There are different types of feminism, including: liberal, cultural, radical, ecofeminism, marxist, global, intersectional feminism, and womanism.

Here at Rockwell, we are lucky enough to have an entire class on women’s studies, feminism, and the power of women. Mrs. Frederickson, in room 3, teaches the students in her B4 and B5 classes the capabilities and powers of women. These lucky students are able to develop stronger opinions and learn more about their rights and the equality of all people.

“Young women in this class are able to learn who they are and build confidence,” Frederickson said.

Not all who are feminist are against men. Yes, there are some, but to say all feminists are against men is a statement that is much too broad.

“Feminism is the equality of men and women; it is equality for all,” said Frederickson. “The world, in general, needs equality.”

Some may wonder why call the belief of equality feminism instead of equalism or humanism. It is because you reach gender equality by supporting the rights of the underprivileged gender, and females seem to be underprivileged in society today. By bringing this love towards all, we will gain unity.

“I am for equality,” said Rockwell drill team coach Maddie Beck. “I believe both sexes should be equal, just like all races.”


Feminists do not hate men. they want equality for people of all genders, race, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, and ethnicity. The world will be at its greatest power when everyone is treated equal and we all work together as one. Unity, love, and equality are all things the world needs to reach its highest point.

“We will reach our greatest strength when women grasp their true power,” said Frederickson.”We all need to work together.”

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