Junior High boys basketball team works together in back-and-forth games

by Paige Alder

Rockwell Charter’s junior high boys basketball teams have started their season and are excited for what’s in store.

“The team has been doing really well,” said junior high boys basketball coach Seth Sadler. “We’ve played two games so far. Both were lost,  but both have been close, back-and-forth games.”

This season is Coach Sadler’s second year coaching and he loves working with the team.

“It’s a good experience,” he said. “It is only my second year coaching so I’m not super experienced, but it’s super fun”

Coach Sadler says the boys all enjoy basketball and get along great on the court. They work together as a team and that will bring success in-and-of itself.

“The team doesn’t have any ball hogs,” Sadler said. “They all share and work together as a team.”

Make sure to catch the team’s next home game tonight at 8 pm versus Mountainville.

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