BREAKFAST: friend or foe?

by Melanie Mortensen, Editor & Lifestyle Writer

School is now in session and waking up early to get ready before school is already hard enough. Are Rockwell students making sure to eat breakfast before school? Breakfast plays an important role in how students and athletes perform every day.

Mrs. Peterson, Rockwell’s health teacher, says, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” She says that since overnight is the longest you go without food, breakfast is needed to refuel your body. Athletes need breakfast for the protein, and students need breakfast for the energy and academic purposes.

Maddie Beck, Rockwell’s drill team coach, says breakfast will help students and athletes academically and physically. Breakfast can give off good energy, help with better health, and improve concentration which could lead to better grades.

Coach Stuart, Rockwell’s PE teacher and boys basketball coach, said that breakfast is important because athletes can work better not on an  when they don’t have an empty stomach.

Research shows breakfast is very beneficial for teenagers for academic performance, physical performance and nutritional needs.
breakfast-ideas_903_61fc48cb01b00563f514a323368e0a55f45aa396With Shakespeare coming soon, all
working to memorize lines and parts should not forget to eat breakfast – it just might help improve a student’s performance. 

Megan Neilson, a junior at Rockwell, says, “I eat a bagel every morning because I don’t have BAE GOALS with anyone else.”

Sometimes it is difficult to make time in the morning before school for breakfast, but eating breakfast just might make a big difference.



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