Back to school: 4 tips for a successful year

by Clair Oswald, Lifestyle Writer

Starting a new school year is nerve-wracking, whether it’s your sixth year or your first. The transition from summer to school can be brutal, and most seem to struggle with it. The trick is to plan ahead and get into a regular schedule.

Tip #1: Get organized. Get the supplies you know you need and keep yourself as organized as possible. Getting supplies you like to use, like a ninja-turtles notebook or 3-colored pen, can give you a better chance of using and keeping track of it.

Tip #2: Sleep. Get enough rest before school, there is an overwhelming number of high school students not getting enough sleep, causing a drop in grades and attendance. Most kids require 9 hours of sleep to function and perform the tasks expected in classes, so make sure your schedule involves a semi-early bedtime. Try packing your bag the night before and laying out your clothes, which is less to deal with so early.

Tip #3: Be healthy. Staying hydrated and eating enough healthy meals to fuel you and your busy brain throughout the day is very important, try packing granola bars or another snack to take with you in school. Getting involved in after school programs helps you stay active and healthy.

Tip #4: Do homework. Most students complain about having too much homework, so it might be a good idea to set aside time each night for homework. Many students have smartphones, and there are apps like iHomework and MyHomework to help with your homework load organized. 

IMG_20160829_094112Having your friends with you 5 days a week can be great, but it can also be stressful.

“Most kids are nervous about being accepted or fitting rather than dealing with the frustration of school, but the frustration is worth it,” said Mr. Beck.

Instead of stressing about who you are going to eat lunch with or whose party you get to go to this weekend, work on expanding yourself and doing what makes you happy. “Being friends with everyone isn’t important,” said Jeremy Snow, a senior at Rockwell. School is meant to be enjoyed.



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